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Alabama Medical Marijuana Doctors

While medical marijuana has been legalized in Alabama, no healthcare practitioner is approved to certify or recommend anyone for medical cannabis as of January 2024. This is because the state’s Medical Marijuana Program is still being developed.

Do You Need to See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Alabama?

Yes, but the Alabama Medical Cannabis Program is still being developed. However, when the program is fully launched, patients must meet medical marijuana doctors to diagnose them with qualifying medical conditions to participate in the program. Once a certifying health practitioner determines a patient's eligibility, they will issue the patient a certification or recommendation for the use of medical marijuana. As stipulated in the Rules of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, medical marijuana doctors may also certify minors who are qualifying patients for medical cannabis. However, they must obtain patients' parents' or legal guardians' voluntary and informed written consent before issuing the certifications.

What Doctors Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana in Alabama?

As of January 2024, no physicians can certify qualifying patients for medical cannabis in Alabama because the state's Medical Marijuana Program has not been fully developed. However, to qualify as an Alabama medical marijuana doctor when the program launches, a healthcare practitioner must hold the following registrations or licenses:

  • Active Alabama-specified Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration
  • Active, unrestricted state medical license with no weighty discipline in the past five years
  • Current registration to query the state's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health
  • Active, unrestricted Alabama controlled substances registration

Does Alabama Provide a List of Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors?

Alabama does not have a list of medical marijuana doctors, as the state has yet to launch its medical cannabis program.

How to Find Alabama Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Currently, no healthcare professional can certify anyone for medical cannabis treatment in Alabama.

Can the Appointment with an Alabama Medical Marijuana Doctor Happen Online?

No. While the state's medical marijuana program is still at the developmental stage, Alabama medical cannabis laws prohibit recommending the use of marijuana via telemedicine consultations. A certifying medical provider may not certify or recommend a patient for medical marijuana use unless both are physically present in the same room in the state.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can a Doctor Prescribe in Alabama?

Currently, no amount of medical cannabis can be recommended to any qualifying marijuana patient in Alabama. The state's Medical Cannabis Program has not taken its full shape.

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