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How Much Does the Alabama Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

While Alabama legalized medical cannabis in 2021, it is in the process of enacting the law and developing its medical marijuana program. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) is responsible for establishing the regulations of the state’s medical cannabis program. The AMCC will issue medical cannabis cards to qualified patients aged 19 or older as well as caregivers aged 21 years or older.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Patients will need to be certified for medical marijuana use by registered physicians before they can apply for Alabama medical cannabis cards. Such physicians must be registered with the AMCC and determine that their patients were diagnosed with any of the qualifying medical conditions to be eligible for medical cannabis treatment. To obtain this physician certification, an eligible patient must set up an appointment with a registered physician. The cost of this consultation will vary by location and type of medical practice. Patients may expect to pay between $100 and $300 for such appointments.

Alabama Medical Cannabis Card Fee

As of 2024, the AMCC is still working on setting up the state’s medical cannabis program and has not determined the cost of a medical marijuana card. When the state commences its medical marijuana program, the AMCC will establish the amounts patients and caregivers will pay for their cards as well as the cost of renewing an Alabama medical marijuana card.

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